BBS Spreads the Holiday Spirit

Here at Bennett, being involved in the community has always been a top priority. Every year the Bennett Building Systems team gives back on Christmas by teaming up with The Salvation Army and donating gifts to families in need.

The Bennett Building Systems team decided to think outside of the box this year for Christmas. On Friday December 16th, members of the BBS team picked different time slots between 3:30 to 8:00 PM and took turns ringing the bell for the Salvation Army outside of the Kroger in Augusta, GA.

The turnout was amazing and it really brought out the holiday spirit in everyone that participated. Krystal Magallon, the HR/Payroll coordinator, said “the volunteers that came together as a group built excellent comradery.”

George Anderson went all out and dressed up as Santa and the kids walking by absolutely loved him! Tammy Thrasher and Fred Perkins even brought their families along with them to share the holiday spirit. Fred’s children even offered to spend an additional 30 minutes outside in 35-degree weather. To finish the night, Bob Fazekas, Christina Newhouse, and Krystal Magallon began singing Christmas carols while dancing to end the night.

All in all, this was a great event for the community and a wonderful bonding experience for all that participated.

Happy Holidays!

George Anderson – Retail Sales Manager
Tammy Thrasher – Purchasing Manager
Fred Perkins – Panel Shop Supervisor
Christina Newhouse – Regulatory Compliance Administrator
Krystal Magallon – HR/Payroll Coordinator
Fred Perkin’s beautiful children
Bob Fazekas – IT Administrator
Krystal Magallon – HR/Payroll Coordinator