He Shed, She Shed…Infinite Possibilities

We all have always wanted that place to just go to for relaxation and relieve stress or escape from other people for a little while. As your family starts to grow, free space in the house becomes a hot commodity and you may find it harder and harder to do so. Well you can solve that problem by transforming your Bennett Building Systems portable building into a “he shed” or “she shed” and this guide below will help!

Pick a Building Type

Choose a building that matches your application purposes and of course budget, which all of our options can be found here. You want to decide on a layout and size that will meet all your needs but still give you an inviting atmosphere once all your items are in place.

Decide on a Design

Here are a few questions to get your creative mind going…

  1. What’s your favorite hobby or leisure activity?
  2. What highlights your personality?
  3. How do you like to unwind?

We thought about a few of our favorites, which include:

  • Weight training
  • Woodworking
  • Hunting/Fishing
  • Yoga
  • Painting
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Video Games
  • Pub Shed

Standard Barn Hero

Elite Shed wporch Hero

Make Modifications

You can insulate or drywall your building if you decide that you want to create your own cozy environment away from the outside weather. If you do choose to dry wall, then paint or add any additions to achieve your design needs. Most of our buildings come with electricity or have the option to add it, so you wont have to worry about calling an electrician unless you plan on having a lot of electronics.

Add Furniture & Decorate

Once you have created that perfect atmosphere, its time to start piecing it all together! First, position the furniture, and then enhance with all the fun accessories to complete your vision. With each piece added, you’ll have fun watching your new space come to life!