Use Your Bennett Building Systems Portable Building for Fall Organization

Need some ideas for storing away your belongings this fall? Here are some suggestions:

Lawn Maintenance
As the temperature starts to drop and all the leaves are raked from the yard there becomes little need for Lawn maintenance supplies such as lawn mowers, fertilizer or soil, gardening tools, or extra flower pots. If left unattended these items can be an eyesore but take up significant space if stored in the garage. By having a portable storage building in your backyard, these supplies can have a permanent home where they’re kept out of sight, but still easily accessible.

Pool Accessories
The only thing worse than putting away your pool accessories is accepting the fact that summer is over. Leaving them to be weathered in the elements may cause damage and could be costly. By keeping them in a portable building in your backyard, you and your family have easy access at any time during the year while your backyard and pool stay clean and organized.

Holiday Decoration
For the extravagant holiday decorators, finding a clean, dry, convenient place to store your decorations can be more difficult than actually decorating your home. Cross that worry off of your list this year and organize your decorations in a portable storage building right on your property. This allows you to keep your decorations close for quick access and gives enough space to keep them all organized.

Christmas Shopping
Black Friday is approaching soon and most of you will get the bulk of your Christmas shopping taking care of. However, the next question is where are you going to store all of the gifts? Your trunk, underneath the beds, closets, and any other nook and cranny that you can find to hide them are all full. A portable building is a perfect place to hide the gifts from the kids and still have confidence that they will be protected.